Where Do I Begin?

The Anglers Resource web site makes the assumption that you know enough about rod building to have questions about guide placement and rod layout, but the fact is you may be new to the craft and feel overwhelmed by the number of decisions you need to make to get started. Fortunately, these days there is a wealth of knowledge available with the click of a mouse and you will quickly find all the information you need to begin your journey. Once you decide to take the plunge, you’ll quickly discover a great number of reliable suppliers who will provide not only the support but also the product you need to complete your first rod.

Perhaps the fastest way to familiarize yourself with the craft is by registering with one of the rod building forums available on the internet. These forums feature spirited discussion on the hottest topics in rod building but they also maintain libraries of information posted by members that cover every conceivable subject. The most popular are rodbuilding.org and rodguild.com. Although you will find great information discussed in detail, you may not find the “how to…” subject matter that will get you on the road to success. For “lessons” on specific aspects of rod building, we suggest the learning videos available from mudhole.com.

Following is the sequence of steps you will need to follow to complete your first project:

  1. Select a blank: Check out your favorite rod(s) and see what information is available on line weight, action and lure weight. Suppliers are very good at helping you find what your looking for.
  2. Choose the reel you plan to use on the rod you intend to build: This is a very important part of the rod building process. By choosing the reel NOW you can match the ROD TO THE REEL and maximize the performance of the “package”. MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU CAN USE THE GUIDE PLACEMENT (GPS) SOFTWARE ON THIS SITE TO DETERMINE WHAT GUIDES WILL BE NEEDED, AND YOU CAN ORDER ALL YOUR COMPONENTS AT ONCE. With proper reel measurements you can avoid having to set up your handle and reel to determine what guides you need on your second order. Our Guide Placement Software can tell you in advance what you need and allow you to avoid the hassle and cost of “over-ordering” to keep moving forward on your project.
  3. With the results of our Guide Placement Software, your reel seat and handle preferences and a top guide, you will have most of the components you need. In addition, you will need reel seat arbors, thread, fast curing epoxy for securing seats and handles and an epoxy finish for guides.


Our products can be ordered from any of the dealers listed on the page under the “where to order” link.

Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod Nomenclature


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