Foregrips: WINN, Cork and EVA

WINN Thread Cover Foregrips

Custom WINN foregrips from Anglers Resource are the perfect compliment to a wide variety of thread cover style seats. Available in size 16 & 17.  Also fits trimmed KDPS thread covers for any size 16 or 17 seat.

Size 16: WTC16 • Size 17: WTC17

Grade "A" Thread Cover for HPS

FGH25C and 27C are Grade A cork machined to accept Fuji’s HPS thread covers. They provide a factory fit to the extended barrel of the HPS. 3/8 inch diameter front hole that can be reamed to the exact diameter of the rod being fitted.

Size 16 HPS: FGH25C • Size 17 HPS: FGH27C

BGKS Thread Covers

BGKS16RC and 17RC are Grade A cork machined to accept any size 16 or 17 sleeved seats including Fuji’s SK2 (part KSKSS), PTS and  TVS hidden thread hoods. Available in Cork and EVA

Cork 16: BGKS16RC • Cork 17: BGKS17RC

EVA 16: BGKS16E • EVA 17: BGKS17E

NK Nubbin' Foregrip

Most short spinning foregrips are more for decoration than functionality…not so the “Nubbin”! A little careful design work and Bingo, a small foregrip thumb rest that cradles the thumb and actually provides extra power as you roll your wrist on the cast. Fits any size 16 or 17 threaded barrel.

Cork 16: NK16RC • Cork 17: NK17RC

EVA 16: NK16E • Cork 17: NK17E


FGS2RC Grade A Foregrip

FGS2RC is Grade A cork bored to 1/4 inch diameter for reaming to the final diameter of the rod. This model can be used with any reel seat to create a custom foregrip. Available in cork only.

KDPS Hood Covers

FGK25RC and 27RC are Grade A cork machined to accept Fuji’s KDPS Hoods. Both provide a factory fit to the extended barrel of the hood with no trimming needed. Features a tough rubberized cork top.

Cork 16: FGK25RC • Cork 17: FGK27RC

EVA 16 : FGK25E • EVA 17: FGK27E

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