TVS Individual Seat Components

TVSS/ASH Spinning Hood Only

Fits any size 16 or 17 seat but is specifically designed for the ergonomics of the TVS with a slight hump for added comfort.

TVSS16/ASH: 15mm ID • 18.3mm OD

TVSS17/ASH: 17mm ID • 19.5mm OD

TVSK/ASH Spinning Hood for Hidden Threa

Ergonomic hood for TVS with hidden thread tube

TVSK16/ASH: 15mm ID • 18.3mm OD

TVSK17/ASH: 17mm ID • 19.5mm OD

TVSJ/ASH Hood with BackStop™ Lock Nut

Ergonomic hood with special BackStop™ locking nut configuration, To be used with BackStop™ nut part LOS/AN

TVSJ16/ASH: 15mmID • 18.3mmOD

TVSJ17/ASH: 17mm ID • 19.5mm OD

Used with LON/AN BackStop™ Lock Nut

Los/AN BackStop™ Lock Nut

BackStop™ Lock Nut fits part TVSJ where the shoulders of each part can come together properly to maintain the “floating” position that assures a lock nut that will not lossen under the most extreme conditions.

LOS16/AN: 15mm ID • 18.3mm OD

LOS17/AN: 17mm ID • 19.5mm OD

Used with part TVSK/ASH

LOK/AN BackStop™ with Hidden Thread Sleeve

LOK sleeve features floating collar to butt TVSJ/ASH and lock without any loosening. Great for uplocking configurations.

LOK16/AN: 15mm ID • 18.3mm OD

LOK17/AN: 17mm ID • 19.5mm OD

Use with part TVSJ/ASH

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