Tops for Spinning & Casting (Micro and Conventional)

Fuji offers the widest selection of tops in the industry with 8 current frame styles to choose from. Many are available in a variety of ring materials to assure the perfect top to finish off a great rod. Tops require a specific size tube to fit the tip end diameter of your rod. We suggest you determine this measurement with calipers or our handy Tip Sizer. Please choose a category of tops to browse, or click the specific top you need.


Available in TORZITE

Down to size 5

KG “Arowana” Tops are the culmination of Fuji’s expertise in designing Tangle Free guides and in sizes 6 and 7 they feature something no other top guide has…a flanged TORZITE® ring! This configuration means metal can never touch line and the smooth, fast surface of TORZITE® contacts your line in ANY fighting position. Be sure to add “F” to the stock number for size 6 and 7 tops.


Down to size 4

The success of Fuji’s LG Top has lead to a dramatically expanded selection that starts with micro tops and travels all the way to a size 8! This top has already proven itself as one the best ever in Fuji’s long history of great tops. Available in 8 ring frame combinations for ANY project.


Available in TORZITE

Down to size 5

MN Tops are available in sizes from a 5 ring up to a 16, making them ideal for any application where added holding power is beneficial. Unique ”tang” design allows an extra measure of security by allowing a wrap to actually help hold the tip in place rather than being strictly decorative. Long ring-frame braces add protection from tangles and a high entry on the ring adds strength to the overall design.

MN Style Tops add the extra insurance of a wrapping tang for micro tops. Boosting strength in small tops used on micro rods is a challenge faced by all micro rod builders. MN tops give you the confidence to know that a size 5 tip will stay put for seasons to come.


Down to size 5.5

F Style tops are among Fuji’s most popular due to their wide choice of sizes as well as their compact, super-strong design. Bottom braised ring-frame braces add tremendous strength when a casting rod is under load and forces are pulling the ring forward and down. Bottom braising also smooths the top portion of the frame to reduce drag and eliminate possible tangles with the frame. Click any top for product listing.


Size 4.5

FC Tops are identical to the F top but designated FC in micro-size 4.5.


The MG Top is a medium-long tube, medium long-frame model capable of a serious contest with virtually any fish (or gunwale for that matter). Mechanically crimped and professionally braised for a lifetime of wear, the MG design features a high entry on the ring-frame braces along with Fuji’s original deep pressed ring. Together these features result in unsurpassed ring retention under the worst treatment. Choose Gunsmoke SiC, Black Alconite® and now economical Aluminum Oxide.

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