Tops for Surf and Heavy Salt

Built for the most extreme environments and biggest fish on the planet, Fuji’s saltwater tops are dependable partners on the beach or Gulf Stream. Specifically designed to be strong with a keen eye toward styling and overall weight, these tops have a reputation for defeating commercial boat gunwales and rock perches in  the northeastern surf. These tops are plenty tough to stand in for rollers and require no maintenance beyond a quick rinse.


Inspired by the extra strength provided by the ”tang” on MN tops, HN heavy tops are best put to the test on heavy offshore trolling and boat rods. Deep pressed ring and Fujis proprietary Silicon Nitride ring (used for ball bearings in jet engines!) are the keys to the reliable performance offered by HN Tops.


UX tops are Goliath Grouper quality tops for the toughest saltwater conditions anyone might encounter. Bottom braised for unparalleled resistance to big fish fights with lots of metal around the ring. UX is ready for action.

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