Newest NGC Guides

Newest Concept Guides

A long history of solid performance now even better

With the modification of a few popular non-concept guides, Fuji can now offer 100% concept reliability across its entire product line. Check out some old favorites now with slim, deep-pressed rings in a variety of finishes and ring materials.


Double-foot, medium duty, stripper and/or running guide

Crossover: Sometimes used for added strength on traditional spinning rods with size 6 running guides

The new LSV Frame is a long-standing double foot guide that produces an attractive layout when used as a reduction guide. An LSV layout can offer exceptional strength for heavy saltwater applications, yet downsizes perfectly for lighter freshwater rods. Best of all, LSV represents an upgrade to NGC status for the reliable SV frame with slim SiC and new Slim Concept “O” rings that are now deep-pressed for true concept guide performance.


Double-foot, heavy-duty, stripper and/or running guide

HN deep-pressed concept frames are the perfect choice for heavy duty layouts that still adhere to the New Guide Concept. HN is the guide of choice for many surf rod builders, jetty plug fishermen and offshore anglers who can achieve all the weight and performance advantages of an NGC rod with this guide frame, yet still have a finished rod that’s tough as nails and fully capable of handling big surf, jetty rocks or commercial boat gunwales. Available with Fuji’s unique Silicone Nitride (SiN) rings for ultimate durability.


Single-foot, single-leg, micro

LDB is a unique “closed frame” design that brings extra strength to any layout and its forward leaning ring aids in shedding tangles. In titanium, this frame has become a favorite of “big” rod builders in the northeast for surf plugging and bait fishing the rocky shores of the coast.

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