Non-NGC Guides

Non-Concept Guides

A long history of solid performance

Not every situation requires deep-pressed, light-framed “Concept” guides. For those times, Fuji offers a wide selection of traditional guides with the legendary quality and proven durability to meet any fishing challenge you may face. All Spinning and Casting non-concept guides are listed in this category


Single-foot, medium duty stripper and/or running guide

Crossover: Occasionally used on traditional spinning rods calling for 6 running guides

The LV Frame design is similar to the “Y” but is roughly 2 to 5 millimeters shorter in height depending on ring size. LV’s are designed to match nicely with SV double foot guides in med/heavy applications when extra strength may be desirable in the first or second reduction guide followed by lighter LV guides in the mid section. A complete train of LV guides has long been one of the most popular spinning rod layouts for medium to light action freshwater and inshore saltwater rods. LV frame reduction trains are often followed by L Frame running guides.


Double-foot, medium duty, stripper and/or running guide to compliment LV frame

Crossover: Sometimes used for added strength on traditional spinning rods with size 6 running guides

The SV Frame is a double foot model of the popular LV single foot and produces an attractive layout when used as a reduction guide followed by LV’s. An SV/LV layout can offer exceptional strength for heavy saltwater applications, yet downsizes perfectly for lighter freshwater rods. SV’s high polish and standard ring frame make them a high-quality yet economical choice for a wide variety of rods. Many builders follow SV’s with LV’s for the balance of the reduction guides (or running guides) and/or L Frame running guides on lighter rods.


Double-foot, medium/heavy duty stripper and/or running guide

Crossover: Sometimes used as a reduction guide/stripper on surf rods.

Crossover: Most often used as a running guide but available in reduction guide sizes.

N Frames fill the bill for strong traditional running guide layouts and yet are available up to size 40 for use as strippers in spinning layouts. N Frames are heavier that MN Frames and offer a proven design for heavier applications in saltwater including surf rods.

N frames are tangle resistant, ”heavy duty” frames used extensively for boat rod applications and heavy duty use on powerful rods. Ring sizes up to 40 mm make it applicable for heavy saltwater spinning layouts but ring sizes down to 5.5 mm open options for use on lighter casting and spinning gear as well.


Double-foot, heavy-duty, stripper and/or running guide

HN frames are the perfect choice for heavy duty layouts that still adhere to the New Guide Concept. HN is the guide of choice for many surf rod builders, jetty plug fishermen and offshore anglers who can achieve all the weight and performance advantages of an NGC rod with this guide frame, yet still have a finished rod that’s tough as nails and fully capable of handling big surf, jetty rocks or commercial boat gunwales. Available with Fuji’s unique Silicone Nitride (SiN) rings for ultimate durability.


Single-foot, single-leg, micro

LDB is a unique “closed frame” design that brings extra strength to any layout and its forward leaning ring aids in shedding tangles. In titanium, this frame has become a favorite of “big” rod builders in the northeast for surf plugging and bait fishing the rocky shores of the coast.


Single-foot, single-leg, micro

MK guides are identical to L Frame guides with the exception of an Aluminum Oxide Ring


A very economical traditional runner with Aluminum Oxide rings and standard frame. OG is the non-concept cousin of the deep-pressed L frame used on concept rods.

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