New Guide Concept Single Foot Guides

NGC Single Foot Guides

A 35 year history as some of the best components ever offered

Fuji defined the New Guide Concept around 1995 and since that time many of the original guides have stood the test of time. Welcome to the best.


Single-Foot, Single-Leg, Ultra-Light Spinning Guide

AT is the ultimate way to save weight on Ultra Light Rods. Single leg design offers a lightweight option for getting rings high off the blank with minimal frame interference. Perfect for crappie, stream trout and panfish. Available only in Titanium.


Single foot, medium duty multi-purpose runner

Now available in Concept “O”

Although KT frames continue to gain popularity, the L Frame, deep pressed, single leg, single foot design is the number one choice for running guides on more casting and spinning rods than any other. Strong, low to the blank and very light, L Frame guides can take a lot of punishment without adding much weight to a layout even when Static Loading calls for 2 or even 3 additional guides.

L Frames in larger sizes are a longstanding number one choice for running guides on spinning and casting rods. In smaller sizes, the same holds true. L Frames are super lightweight, strong and deep pressed for solid ring performance. The low, single-leg design of micro-sized L Frames gives them a surprisingly low profile on any rod.


Concept “O” Belly Guide

Now available in affordable CONCEPT “O” Rings to match up with other L-Frame runners.


New General Purpose “Belly” Guide Model

L-T Guides offer the same great benefit as popular KB guides for NGC layouts not using K-Series guides. Use L-T to manage high stress areas in the mid-section or “belly” of micro rods. Engineers discovered that in a “power bend”, stress moves to the mid-section of the rod and guide failure in this area was attributable to the small foot on most micro guides pulling out from under the wrap. L-T Guides solve this problem with a broader, notched foot like the KB.


Single-foot, high frame stripper or butt guide

With the re-formulation of Fuji’s Aluminum Oxide ring, the popular “Y” frame became an immediate candidate for deep pressing. More importantly, The newest Aluminum Oxide formula has allowed the slimming of the ring with no loss of durability. This modification moves one of Fuji’s top running guides into the “true concept guide” category and adds the strength and durability that is legendary in so many concept frames.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and frame materials the “Y” frame lives on as the deep-pressed, slim-ring  “LY”!

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