K-Series Running Guides

Choosing the Right K-Series Running Guide

After choosing the correct spinning (reduction train) or casting stripper a K-Series rod requires two additional guides to perform at the highest level. First choose a KB “Belly” Guide to handle mid-rod stress and then finish up with the KT runner. Both of these guides profile exactly the same above the wrap and are available in micro sizes and traditional sizes. The KB “Big Foot” is only needed up to a size 6 – after that the KT foot is large enough to handle mid-rod stress.


Tangle-free, K-Series, single-foot belly guide

Available up to size 6 for added strength on micro rods


KB Guides are an all new development based on research by FUJI into the high stresses placed on mid-section or “belly” guides of micro rods. Engineers discovered that in a “power bend”, stress moves to the mid-section of the rod and guide failure in this area was attributable to the small foot on most micro guides pulling out from under the wrap. KB Guides solve this problem with a broader, notched foot to better match rod diameters in this area of the blank and hold firm against pulling torque that develops when fighting trophy fish. Above size 6 the KT guide has a large enough foot to handle the torque and the KB is not needed.


Tangle-free, K series, single-foot running guide

Now available in TORZITE®

Fuji’s K-Series low-frame, single-foot KT model is becoming the top choice of micro builders across the globe. The strength to weight ratio of KT guides is the stuff legends are made of and KT guides are passing the test on all kinds of rods. KT features a low profile with deep pressed rings for unmatched strength and a special “wicking window” designed to pull epoxy through the frame below the ring, down and around the blank on the front side of the guide. This feature eliminates the need for “locking wraps” and offers a guide that is bonded front and back to the blank. KT is equally at home on spinning and casting rods and features Fuji’s patented, tangle-free, double-sloped design.

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