Grips: WINN, Cork & EVA

Split WINN Grip for VSS Reel Seat

WVSS is a WINN grip made exclusively for Anglers Resource to fit popular VSS spinning seats. Textured polymer features tiny embossed Anglers Resource logo and provides excellent wet or dry grip.

WVSS1615 fits size 1615 VSS seats

WVSS17 fits size 17 VSS seats

WINN for SK2 Spin and TVS16

The WSSK216 and 17 are rear grips for SK2 Spinning Seat or TVS16 Spinning Seats using split grip layouts. Measures 2.5 inches long with an 8mm trimmable tenon. Design features a “hint” of Japanese styling. Made exclusively for Anglers Resource by WINN.

Size 16: WSSK216 • Size 17: WSSK217

WINN Grips for SK2 Cast and TVS17 Spin

The WKSK2 is a rear grip for split grip casting layouts using SK2 Fuji Seats or TVS17 Spinning Seats. It measures 2.5 inches with a 19mm diameter tenon and fits size 16 and 17 SKTS seats. This grip design features a “hint” of Japanese styling and is made exclusively for Anglers Resource by WINN.

Order: WKSK2

WINN Grips for ACSM and ECSM

Custom WINN Grips from Anglers Resource are manufactured to our exact specification to work integrally with Fuji Reel Seats. Fits  any seat with a 23mm ID. WSG is 3.5 inches long with a 8mm trimmable tenon.


Split Grip for ACSM and ECSM Reel Seats

New split grip for two of our most popular casting seats. 5/8-inch diameter on rubberized cork fits most blanks. Shouldered for perfect fit. Fits ACSM, ECSM and many generic seats.

Cork: BGA95RC


SK2 and TVS16 Contoured Split Spinning Grip

Rear grip for SK2 Spinning seats features a 2.5 length with tenon to fit size 16 and/or 17 seats. Available in cork with rubberized end or EVA. RGK6517RCW Grip also fits newer TVS16 seats

Cork 16: RGK6016RCW • Cork 17: RGK6517RCW (also fits TVS16 seats)

EVA 16: RGK6016E • EVA 17: RGK6517E (also fits TVS16 seats)

SK2 and TVS17 Contoured Split Grip

The RGSK1617RCW is a lower profile contoured grip with noticeable Japanese styling. Looks and works great on “minamilist” projects. Approx 2.75 inches long with rubberized cork end. One size fits both 16 and 17 SK2 casting seats and size 17 TVS spinning seats.

Cork 16 & 17: RGSK1617RCW

EVA 16 & 17: RGSK1617E

SK2 or TVS16 Split Spinning Grip


Traditional rear split grip for SK2 spinning seats. Rubberized cork end, tenoned for size 16 or 17 SK2 Spinning. Also fits TVS16 seats

Cork 16: RGK6016RC • Cork 17:  RGK6517RC

EVA 16: RGK6016E • EVA 17: RGK6517RC

Traditional SK2 Split Casting Grip or TVS17 Spinning Grip

Traditionally styled rear grip for SK2 Casting Seats and newer TVS17 . Approximately 2.5 inch length. Tenoned to SK2. Available in rubberized cork and EVA. Fits 16 and 17 SK2 casting seats and TVS17 spinning seats.

Cork 16: RGSK1617RC

EVA 16: RGKS1617E

BGV16C Grade "A" Cork for VSS Seats

BGV cork handles are machined to accept the shape of Fuji’s VSS Spinning Reel Seat. Simply ream to size and glue up with a VSS Reel Seat and rubberized cork butt cap part #RBC(1620 or 1720).

BGV16C: Cork, Fits VSS16 Reel Seats

BGV17C: Cork, Fits VSS17 Reel Seats

BGV1615: Cork, Fits VSS1615 Reel Seats

BGV16E: EVA, Fits VSS16 Seats

BGV17E: EVA, Fits VSS17 Seats

BGV1615E: EVA, Fits VSS1615 Seats



Grade "A" Handle Adapter for IPS

BGS25C (Size 16) and 27C (Size 17) are machined to accept the shape of Fuji’s IPSM16 Reel Seat and still provide a way to create a custom handle of any length and diameter. Simply turn cork rings to a matching diameter, butt them against the adapter and glue in place. Cork only.

Cork 16: BGS25C

BGA9C Single Piece Spinning Grip

BGA cork grips are multi-use single-piece spinning handles for use with DPS Reel Seats sizes 17, 18 and 20. Available in 9 inch and 11 inch lengths. Cork only.

BGA9C: 9-inch length • BGA11C: 11-inch length

Split Grip for VSS

FGV16E and 77E are machined cork or EVA to accept the shape of Fuji’s VSS Spinning Reel Seat for split grip design projects. These grips are also available with rubberized cork end.

Cork: FGV16C • FGV17C

EVA: FGV16E • FGV17E • FGV1615E

Rubberized Top/Cork: FGV16RC • FGV17RC • FGV1615RC

Grade "A" Spinning Handle for IPS

BGS8514C is a machined 8.5 inch handle made specifically to match with Fuji’s IPS16 Spinning Reel Seat. 22mm butt flange fits ERC23 Butt Cap.

Cork 16: BGS8514C

EVA 16: BGS8514E

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