Carded Retail Items

The items on this page are just a small example of the products Angler’s Resource cards every day. It is impossible for us to list everything because anything found in our catalog can be carded. Please contact your local distributor or representative for more information regarding these items.

Bulk Tops

The perfect repair assortment for tackle shops offering tip repairs. 100% Quality Fuji Tops in Black or Silver finish.

Micro Rod Tip Repair Kit

Three micro tops in the most popular micro rod sizes. Available in Black or Stainless

Order: BMFRK4C – Black 4.5(5.5), 4.5(6.0) and 4.5(6.5) • Stainless 4.5(5.5), 4.5(6.0) and 4.5(6.5)

Emergency Rod Repair Kit

Emergency Rod repair Kit has everything needed to replace 6-10 guides depending on size. Specially formulated 10-minute Flex Coat finish assures quality repairs in minutes not hours. Includes Fuji brand Ultra POLY Thread, craft brushes and complete instructions for professional quality results.

Order Part: EGRKC

Micro Guide Repair Kit

Micro Guide repair Kit allows quick repairs of damaged running guides on micro rods. Includes most popular 4.5 mm black stainless guides to match most mocro rods. Pair with our Emergency Rod Repair Kit for a complete, fast repair.

Order: BLMRG345

Speed Threader

Speed Threader solves the problem of old eyes and micro guides!

Speed Threader is a handy tool you’ll want in every tackle box and on the bench. Allows instant no-miss threading of any type line through the smallest micro guides. Works great on the boat too, even in rough seas or total darkness. Don’t be caught without it!

Order: LTM-C

EZ Keeper®

  • Easy to use, comes with 2 O-rings to fit most blank diameters.
  • Folds down out of the way, so it won’t become entangled in the line when casting your lure.
  • Useful with a wide range of hooks.
  • Adapts to any position on the rod.
  • Works as a linekeeper, great for when you want to pick up and move quickly to another spot and keep those lines from getting tangled.
EZ Keeper Example
EZ Keeper Example

Rod Repair Kit

A conveniently packaged kit for use by the fisherman to repair most fishing rod tips. This kit contains three of the most widely used rod tip sizes as well as a tube of Hot Melt Glue. It is displayed on an attractive carded package with full instructions for tip repair. Any fisherman who has ever broken the tip on his favorite rod knows that this kit is a must for the tackle box.


Rod Top Glue

Original Hot Melt rod top glue from Fuji and our own Anglers Resource glue. Carded for retail.

Tip Gauge

TS-21: Tps from 3.5mm to 28.0mm

TS-21C: Carded for retail, 3.5mm to 28.0mm

VSS Handle Kit

The VSS handle kit includes everything needed for a spinning handle in sizes 16 and 17 right down to the correct arbors.

V16HKC Spinning Kit Contains: BGV16C, FGS25C, VSSM16/B, RBC1620, NSA 16

V17HKC Spinning Kit Contains: BGV17C, FGS25C, VSSM17/B, RBC1720, NSA 17

IPS Handle Kit

The IPS handle kit includes everything needed for a casting or spinning handle right down to the correct arbors.

C16HKC (Casting Kit) contains: BCG851212C, FGH2C, IPSM16/B, HPS16N, ERC23, IPS16tTR, NSA16

S16HKC (Spinning Kit) contains: BCG851212C, FGH2C, IPSM16/B, HPS16N, ERC23, IPS16tr, NSA16

TCSM Handle Kit

The TCSM Handle kit includes everything you need for a casting rod in size 16 or 17 right down to the correct arbors.

T16HKC Casting Kit contains: TCSM16, BGA9C, FGS2RC, RBC1620, NSA16

T17HKC Casting Kit contains: TCSM17, BGA9C, FGS2RC, RBC1720, NSA17

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