Accessories and Individual Components

Hardloy® Guide and Top Assortment

Stainless Folding Hook Keeper

• High Frame – Prevents damage to fly hackles.
• Folding Frame – Stands up when in use.
• Folds down when fishing.

Rubber Butt Cap Plug

Allows drilling and then plugging of butt caps. Handy when you don’t have a bit that will bottom out a square hole in the bottom of a cap. Drill a 1/4-inch hole through the cap, drill to size using a spade bit and then cover the hole with the plug

Order: BRPB

Rubberized Cork Butt Cap

RBC1620: For VSS16 Cork Grip

RBC1720: For VSS17 Cork Grip

EVA Foam Butt Cap

19mm I.D • 26.4mm O.D • 27mm Length


Flexible Standard Butt Cap

ERC20: 20mm I.D. • 10mm Length
ERC23: 23mm I.D. • 10mm Length

Thicker Wall Rubber Butt Cap

BRCGC19: 19mm I.D. • 40mm Length
BRCGC22: 22mm I.D. • 48mm Length
BRCGC25: 25mm I.D. • 53mm Length

Rubber Gimbal Butt Cap

GRC19: 19mm I.D. • 44.6mm Length
GRC22: 22mm I.D. • 44.6mm Length

Wide Bottom Gimbal Protector

BRGC22: 22mm I.D. • 48mm Length

BRGC25: 25mm I.D. • 48mm Length

Graphite Gimbal Butt Cap Protectors

SRCGC22: Cap for GC22 (top)

SRCGC25: Cap for GC25 (bottom)

Cover and Protect Graphite Gimbal Butt Caps

Graphite Gimbal Butt Caps

GC22: 26.1mm O.D., 20.5mm I.D., 59mm Length with silver rings
GC22G: Identical to GC22 with gold accent rings

GC25: 30.1mm O.D., 24.0 mm I.D., 75mm Length
GC25G: Identical to GC25 with gold accent rings with silver rings

Deep channel for posiitve engagement , features trim rings in silver or gold

Hard Foam Ultra-Light Arbors

Individual SK2 component for Mix-n-Match Seats

NSA16S: All Fuji size 16 Spinning Reel Seats

NSA16: All Fuji size 16 Reel Seats

NSA17: All Fuji size 17 Reel Seats

NSA18: All Fuji size 18 Reel Seats

NSA20: All Fuji size 20 Reel Seats

Threaded Barrel Winding Checks

Shouldered Winding checks provide the perfect “cap” to any size 16 or 17 threaded barrel. They are the best finish for the ends of trimmed barrels in SK2 applications but also fit the threaded end of any size 16 or 17 single piece seat. A good selection of WCS checks is essential to shops that need to keep workflows moving. Available in size 16 and 17 with IDs from 7 to 15mm.

Back Stop Lock Nut

Available in size 18 and 20 in a short nut design (LO1/AN), extended nut (LOS16/AN) or a hidden thread collar (LOK16/AN) similar to the KDPS hood.

Back Stop Lock Nut is a lightweight guarantee that your reel will stay put no matter what the conditions.

Unlike “jam” nuts that simply bind one set of threads against another to create a “lock”, Back Stop is a unique double-nut system with a floating collar between the nuts that locks down the position of the reel seat hood without tightening the hood further against the reel foot. This unique “floating collar” actually tightens when the hood nut attempts to loosen, and generates a pushing force against the hood nut. Completely eliminates reel foot loosening.

Balanced Butt Cap

I.D. – 21.0mm, O.D – 25.0mm


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