Anglers Resource, and it’s long partnership with Fuji, has provided us the opportunity to learn firsthand what it means to deal with the finest products available. We are confident that there will always be a need for premium quality, excellent service and integrity.

Our 2019 catalog includes new offerings that will revolutionize the way rod builders utilize Fuji products. New products include Fuji’s newest FAZLITE® Ring material developed to make the K-Series more affordable than ever as well as a totally new Corrosion Control (”CC”) metal processing technique that results in a stainless surface that is 5 to 7 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless – all at the price of standard stainless guides.

Together with the growing popularity of ULTRA Poly thread and our exclusive line of POINT Blank rod blanks, Anglers Resource continues to be an unparelleled source of the finest rod building equipment offered anywhere.

Thanks to each of you for making our journey possible. We look forward to serving you well into the future.

FUJI Rod Components – Anglers Resource.

Welcome to a one-stop spot for information on FUJI rod guides, tops, reel seats, rod handles and more, including GPS guide placement software and static load tutorials. You’ve arrived at one of the most powerful and dynamic sites on the web for properly using high performance fishing rod components from the world’s #1 manufacturer. For over 40 years, Fuji Rod Components have led the way in fishing rod guide innovation, technology and performance. Fuji engineers have literally re-written the book on maximizing performance with today’s high modulus graphite fishing rods and have consistently provided fishing rod builders worldwide with the quality, selection and design to move rod building to a level never imagined just a few years ago.

Our goal here is to answer questions, provide knowledge and, hopefully, to become an integral part of your efforts to build the best performing fishing rods possible. With proper blank selection and some thought about your guide choices, you can achieve amazing results with the tools we have provided here. Not only will you be able to experiment with possible layouts for any rod and reel combination, you’ll also be able to cross reference your layout to every existing Fuji component available. Still, fishing rod building is a blend of art and science. To that end, we will make suggestions only, leaving the final design to your preferences and expertise.

How to use this site…

To browse the many models and sizes offered by Anglers Resource, choose the “Guides”,  Tops, or  “Reel Seats”, Corks tab and you will be able to move from any frame design through the ring materials, frame color (and material) and ultimately the sizes offered in your chosen guide.

For assistance in setting up a blank according to the New Guide Concept®, Anglers Resource™ is proud to announce a revamped Guide Placement Software™ (GPS), an application that can provide instant rod guide placement for any rod and reel configuration based on a few simple measurements you provide. Together with proper static loading of running guides, you’re 90% of the way there with these two tools! Whether you’re browsing guides and reel seats or looking for specific build information that will get you very close to the most powerful, most sensitive, most castable rod you’ve ever built…you’re in the right place!


Choose spinning stripper and reduction guidescasting, running and choke guidesmicro guides, heavy duty saltwater boat rod and trolling guides and more. Or tops for spinning and castingheavy saltwater and boat rods and micro tops.


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