The Guide: Vol. 1 #3: June 2011



We apologize for the delay in Issue #3 of The Guide, we’ve been busy filling orders and getting ready for ICAST in July. After the show we anticipate some BIG news as Fuji readies their new products for 2012! Meantime, here’s what’s happening around here right now.

Anglers Resource

This month’s Winner…

John Weiskittel wins a complete set of K-Series Titanium Guides!

Congratulations to John Weiskittel, this month’s drawing winner from Long Beach Island, New Jersey. John is an avid surf fishermen who is very familiar with Fuji guides and reel seats. He states that he prefers Fuji “for their advanced design, quality, refinement and durability”.

John is a member of the Tri-State Custom Rod Builders Club and builds surf, bay, jetty and boat rods to pursue Striped Bass, Fluke, Weakfish, Tautog and Tuna. He’s currently testing a Lamiglass GSB1081L dressed in Fuji Alconite® K-Series™ guides and claims that it looks like K-Series could become his number one choice based on the performance of this blank in testing.

John plans to use his complimentary K-Series guides to build the new CTS parabolic blank due out soon.

Congratulations John, that CTS blank deserves the best!

John Weiskittel with a 19-pound stripped bass caught off the shore of Long Island Beach, New Jersey

Spreading the word…

Anglers Resource adds a pair of heavyweight spokesmen.

Shultz is a long time figure on the BASS® trail with numerous Classic® appearances.

Anglers Resource is happy to announced the addition of two world class anglers as ambassadors of Fuji products. Bernie Schultz is a long time B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler with over 20 years of experience not only in B.A.S.S. events but also as a respected factory representative and promoter of brands like Shimano®, Mercury®, Hildebrandt®, and Rapala®. Bernie’s technical skills are legendary on tour and he is recognized as one of the most proficient casters to ever hit the trail. Concerning his decision, Bernie states that he’s confident that “any rod built with Fuji components and constructed to Fuji’s concepts is a superior tool for the rigors of fishing competitively”.

In addition to Bernie’s expertise on the bass circuit, Anglers Resource has added Flip Pallot as a spokesman and consultant for the Fuji brand. Flip is unquestionably one of the top 5 anglers in the world and a highly successful TV personality having hosted Walkers Cay Chronicles on ESPN for 16 seasons. Flip is technically sound and his reputation spans all species and all angling methods. Flip is enthusiastic about Fuji and is “excited to be part of a story that can make any angler a better angler. Fuji’s dedication to improving the sport is the kind of effort I’m proud to be a part of”.

Flip Pallot is among the most recognized anglers worldwide.

AR Marketing Director, Jim ising stated, “We see Bernie and Flip as educators that can help fellow anglers understand the importance of well designed, well thought-out rods and the contribution they can make to a more enjoyable fishing experience”.

You asked for it….

Shirts are here, place your order now!

Shirt back design in Spruce: A fish jumping over the Fuji logo and the text 'fuji rod components'

Shirt back design in Khaki

Rather than try to predict what Fuji fans wanted in a Tee Shirt design we made the decision to let you decide! We posted a number of designs on and waited for your response. The winning design has been delivered and we are accepting orders. We will start with a limited supply so if you’re interested, we suggest you call now so we can reserve your shirt. This shirt is a high quality 6.1 oz 100% cotton Chouinard® Pigment Dyed Tee in khaki or spruce.

'fuji rod components' breast imprint on the front of a shirt

This is a beautiful, 11-color SILK SCREENED (not digitally printed) shirt that includes a FUJI breast imprint on the front. The shirts well be offered at $19.99 plus $3.00 S&H, an excellent value for a “graphic Tee” that would normally sell for $29.99 to $34.99. Call us to place a credit card (VISA and Mastercard) order at 1-251-943-4491.

Make it a double.

Caps, too?

Yes, we are putting the finishing touches on a new Fuji cap that should be available by the next newsletter. We’re planning a low crown, unconstructed cap in khaki with an embroidered emblem similar to the breast imprint of our new Tee Shirts. Stay tuned!

Khaki cap with 'Fuji rod components' emblem

Big change is on the way.

Anglers Resource working on sweeping website changes.

Anglers Resource has announced plans for a total revamp of its website which we hope will be the most exciting advance in rod building info in recent years. The target date for going live will be prior to the ICAST show in July. We are currently working on a huge amount of data input that should provide visitors with everything they need to make informed decisions about the Fuji products line. The site will be aimed at providing all the tools, tutorials and information rod builders need to actually plan and experiment with Fuji components and concepts.

Revisiting the New Guide Concept

Setting the record straight.

KGuide NGC

Many rod builders are familiar with the New Guide Concept (NGC) set forth by Fuji years ago and it has made more of a contribution to a higher level of rod performance than any theory in rod building history. Still, along the way, additional information has been gleaned that in many cases has added a dimension of functionality that the NGC did not address. The best example we can think of is Tom Kirkman’s creation of the 27X method of locating a choke guide when specific information is missing from the NGC “formula”. His observations have saved many a layout and the industry owes him a large pat on the back for his observations. But, in the interest of preserving the “purity” of the original concept, it occasionally bears repeating that spool diameter and 27X were not discussed in the original theory. The NGC works from the premise that a spinning rod body sits at an angle to the plane of the rod blank. This angle, often referred to as “upsweep”, when projected through the axle of the spool, ultimately crosses the blank. That intersection is the choke point. NGC is a way of determining ring size and height that will handle the coil of line as it reduces to the choke point. Beyond the choke point, the function of the rod becomes sensitivity, power, recovery and balance…all objectives best handled by the Static Load Positioning of guides, again originally expounded by Fuji. Together these two design parameters result in a rod that performs at an optimum level and is more enjoyable to use. The first portion of the formula is quantifiable, the second is observational. Rod building is, in fact, a blend of art and science.