Mastering Rod Building Episode 8


The Ultimate Guide to Slow Pitch Jigging Rods with Rob Jenkins, The Secret Squirrel

Welcome to Mastering Rod Building , the show that delves into the world of fishing gear and techniques. Today, we’re diving deep into the realm of slow pitch jigging rods with the expert rod builder, Rob Jenkins. Exploring the significance of having a dedicated rod for slow pitch jigging. Rob Jenkins sheds light on the nuances and benefits of using a specialized rod for this technique.

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Segment 2: Elements of a Good Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

Unpacking the key features that define a high-quality slow pitch jigging rod.

Rob shares his insights on rod length, power, and action, helping listeners understand what to prioritize.

Segment 3: Spinning vs Casting: Which Suits Slow Pitch Jigging Better?

The age-old debate of spinning vs casting reels for slow pitch jigging.

Rob Jenkins provides his perspective on whether there’s a clear winner in this debate.

Segment 4: Choosing the Right Rod Length for Slow Pitch Jigging

Exploring the ideal rod length for successful slow pitch jigging.

Rob Jenkins breaks down the factors that influence this decision.

Segment 5: Navigating Slow Pitch Jigging Rod Action

Understanding the concept of rod action in slow pitch jigging.

Rob explains his rule of thumb for selecting the right action and when deviations might be necessary.

Segment 6: Ideal Power Rod for Slow Pitch Jigging

Demystifying the concept of rod power in the context of slow pitch jigging.

Rob shares his expertise on selecting the perfect power rod for this technique.

Segment 7: Building Your Own Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

The allure of custom-building your own slow pitch jigging rod.

Rob discusses the advantages of tailoring rod elements for specific fishing conditions.

Segment 8: Crafting the Perfect Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

Delving into slow pitch jigging rod blanks and the role of taper.

Rob Jenkins offers insights into the thought process behind selecting rod guides and guide trains.

Segment 9: Navigating Slow Pitch Jigging Rod Handles and Grips

Exploring the design choices for rod handles and grips in slow pitch jigging.

Rob shares his preferences for materials and styles that enhance the fishing experience.

Segment 10: Decoding Slow Pitch Jigging Rod Reel Seats

Understanding reel seat options for slow pitch jigging rods.

Rob Jenkins discusses his preferred choices and the reasoning behind them.

Segment 11: Top Picks: Buying the Best Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

For those who prefer buying over building, Rob recommends top slow pitch jigging rod models.

A comprehensive rundown of spinning and casting rod options for all budget ranges.

Segment 12: Exploring Additional Applications

Considering the versatility of slow pitch jigging rods beyond their primary use.

Rob Jenkins discusses other fishing techniques where a slow pitch jigging rod can excel.