Mastering Rod Building Episode 7


Rod Building At Its Best: G. Loomis Fishing Rod

On this episode of Mastering Rod Building, host Bill Falconer is interviewing Landon Myers representing G Loomis today. Landon joined G Loomis from the Space Dynamics Lab in March of 2020. As a design engineer, he has since been promoted to a design engineer specialist. He holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Utah State. And he also has a an Outdoor Industry Association sustainable product design and supply chain certificate. Bill and Landon discuss that G Loomis had a big a big win in the “Best of Show” category at iCast 2023 for a brand new rod using some new proprietary technology. They go in depth about what makes G Loomis rods stand out in the fishing rod industry and why G Loomis uses Fuji components.

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How Landon got involved in rod building

What was the first fishing rod he ever built, and how did it turn out?

How has the process of fishing rod building changed with the advent of modern technology?

Some of the most challenging fishing rods Landon has built, and what made them so complex?

How does he approach building a custom fishing rod for someone?

How much do their personal style, skill level, and usual fishing conditions play into his design process?

How Landon tests the quality and effectiveness of the fishing rods he creates?

Landon’s take on the evolution of fishing rod building and the direction it’s headed in the future?

Common beginner misconceptions or mistakes made in fishing rod building

Insights into the fishing rod-building industry

Challenges faced as a professional fishing rod builder, and how to overcome them

What has Landon’s experience been like with Fuji over the years?