Mastering Rod Building Episode 6


FUJI Product Spotlight with Aaron Lowe

In this episode, Bill Falconer welcomes Aaron Lowe, Director of Sales here at Angler’s Resource, to discuss the new UltraPoly Thread from Fuji. Aaron highlights the lack of a high-quality thread option since Gudebrod Thread Company went out of business and the benefits of Fuji UltraPoly, such as its consistent diameter, excellent lay, and wide range of colors. Fuji has almost doubled its color count from 24 to 44, providing more options for rod builders. The transcript emphasizes the consistency and strength of UltraPoly thread, making it a reliable choice for rod wrapping.

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They also cover the launch of 24 new colors in the UltraPoly and NCP threads, including greens, purples, yellows, browns, tans, and a new Carolina blue. These colors will be available in different spool sizes, with some lighter colors exclusive to NCP to ensure visibility on darker blanks. Additionally, there are six limited edition Prisma Colors, chameleon-style threads that change colors when viewed from different angles. Bill Falconer explains the difference between UltraPoly and NCP threads, highlighting the usefulness of NCP for maintaining light colors on dark blanks.

Aaron drops some inside info on plans for more new colors in the future based on customer suggestions, with the goal of providing a wide selection to meet the needs of rod builders. Check out this fun and information-packed episode showcasing the excitement surrounding the Fuji UltraPoly Thread and its versatility for beginner to professional custom rod builders.