Mastering Rod Building Episode 5


Fishing Rod Grips, Handles and Their Ergonomics with Tom Kirkman

On the Mastering Rod Building podcast, host Bill Falconer welcomes Tom Kirkman, Editor of RodMaker Magazine, to discuss custom fishing rod handles and grips. Tom shares his story of getting into the rod-building world and the magazine he founded. He explains the difference between grips and handles and the various types available, including full grips, split grips, pistol grips, and more. Tom and Bill then dive deeper into the details of the materials available, including cork, EVA foam, rubber, hypalon, and carbon fiber, and more. The distinction between them is discussed in addition to the factors to consider when choosing a grip/handle, such as texture, shape, durability, sensitivity, ergonomics, and personal preference.

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Different Fishing Rod Handle Types and Their Advantages/Disadvantages.

  • Full Grips
  • Split Grips
  • Pistol Grips
  • others


Rod Handle Materials and Their Advantages/Disadvantages.

  • Cork
  • EVA Foam 
  • Rubber 
  • Hypalon 
  • Carbon Fiber 
  • others


How To Decide Which Grip/Handle To Choose?

  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Durability 
  • Sensitivity
  • Your personal preference (Style should also not be ignored) Who doesn’t love a pretty rod? 
  • Ergonomics