Mastering Rod building Episode 4


The Ultimate Guide To Power Fishing and Frogging Rods

Welcome to Mastering Rod Building, the ultimate podcast for crafting your dream fishing rod. Today’s episode host Bill Falconer talks with Elite Series Pro Angler Kyle Welcher about power fishing and using and building frogging rods. They’ll discuss why having a dedicated rod for power fishing and frogging is essential, the elements of a good frog rod blank, handle and grip options, reel seat types, guide choices, and what Kyle considers top picks when purchasing a frogging rod. They will also cover which types of other lures can be used with a frog rod, what line he uses, and all other gear Kyle uses to dominate the Elite Series.

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Learn More About Kyle Welcher

Follow Kyle’s angling adventures by clicking here and check out his YouTube channel.


Why is it important to have a dedicated rod for power fishing and frogging?

  • Working the lure correctly
  • Getting a good hookset
  • Making long/accurate casts, etc. 


Best Frog Rod Setup with Kyle Welcher


What Makes a Good Frog Rod Blank?

  • Length
  • Power
  • What Action rod for frog fishing?
  • Taper


What’s ideal in handles and grips for a frogging rod?


Does your reel seat choice make much difference to you?


How do you choose your frog rod guides and why?

  • What guide train is best for a frog rod?


Frog Rod Top Picks

  • If you’re going to buy a rod, what are some top picks?


Frog Rod FAQS

  • Can you use a frog rod for a swimbait or any other applications?
  • What line do you like for frog rods?