Mastering Rod Building Episode 29


RodFather Episode: Creative Rod Building With Jim Trelikes

This episode features legendary custom rod builder Jim Trelikes. Jim has over 49 years of experience and is known for techniques like the dragon scale wrap and JTOB designs. He discusses his early years building rods in his father’s tackle shop at age 12 and how he developed various techniques over the decades to meet customer needs. Jim and the host reminisce about their fishing experiences in San Diego and the evolution of gear. Jim shares stories of developing new techniques like the olive branch and dragon scale to solve color combination requests. They discuss the influence of West Coast builders on the industry and how Jim’s generosity in sharing knowledge has helped many. The host praises Jim’s artistic eye and ability to combine elaborate inlays cohesively from butt to tip. Jim emphasizes the importance of finishing work and advises rod builders. The episode concludes with Jim sharing the story of his pet dove Groot and his contributions to the rod building community over 49 years.

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