Mastering Rod Building Episode 28


Building The Ultimate Flounder Rod With Dr. Doormat

Dr. Dylan Kiene, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of South Alabama, discusses his research on southern flounder populations in Alabama. Dylan has recently gotten into rod building and he has dialed in how to make the perfect flounder rod. Dylan’s rod building expertise helps target specific species like flounder and Dylan gives great insight on how and why he builds his flounder rods. He recommends light tackle with an emphasis on sensitivity. His tagging studies using acoustic transmitters have provided valuable data on flounder migrations. The population has rebounded due to regulatory changes like size limits and seasonal closures.

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Dylan emphasizes releasing larger breeder fish to support the fishery. He describes flounder life history, including environmental sex determination. Dylan’s otolith studies aim to determine if there are separate flounder contingents with different migration patterns. Angler participation in tagging and data reporting is encouraged to aid fisheries management. Responsible harvesting practices and supporting conservation efforts can help sustain flounder and other important recreational fisheries.