Mastering Rod Building Episode 22


Custom Painting Rod Blanks With Don Shafar Of Backbone Custom Rods

On this episode, Bill Falconer talks with Don Shafar from Backbone Custom Rod Company, discussing the intricate process of custom painting rod blanks and reel seats. Don emphasizes the importance of using high-quality materials, paints and safety precautions to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. He outlines a convenient process for customers to have their blanks shipped to him for painting, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. The interview sheds light on the art and craftsmanship of custom rod painting, highlighting the significance of adhering to safety precautions and providing a convenient process for customers to have their blanks painted with precision and care. The conversation dives deep into the process of painting fishing rod blanks and reel seats, emphasizing the need to understand materials and the cleaning process for expensive equipment like water airbrushes and precision HVLP mini guns. Insights on the nuances of painting reel seats are shared, emphasizing the need for priming and allowing sufficient curing time before building the rods. Bill and Don discuss experiences with painting various patterns and designs, stressing the importance of practice and experimentation, especially when painting blanks, and offers advice for troubleshooting potential issues. Lastly, Don Shafar also highlights the importance of patience and thorough preparation, encouraging individuals to conduct tests before painting actual rods. Bill acknowledges the excitement and satisfaction that custom-painted blanks and reel seats can bring to rod builders and customers, highlighting the potential for unique aesthetic effects to captivate enthusiasts. Enjoy the show.

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