Mastering Rod Building Episode 1


How to Make a Fishing Rod Step 1: Determining the Type Of Rod You Want to Build

Welcome to Mastering Rod Building with Bill Falconer. This the show for learning how to build the perfect custom fishing rod. This inaugural episode features Bob McKamey, a seasoned pro for building fishing rods with almost 50 years of experience. The discussion will cover the fundamentals of how to build a fishing rod.

First, we will explore why someone should take the initiative and build their own fishing rod. Then, we will cover the equipment and materials needed to get started and how to pick between purpose-built rods and multiple-purpose rods. Lastly, we will examine the pros and cons of purchasing a kit versus buying each piece individually and answer which option would be better for beginners. Whether you are an experienced rod builder or brand new to the hobby, tune into this show to learn how to build your dream custom fishing rod.

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Why should I want to build my own fishing rod?

  • who are the different types of rod builders?
  • cost savings, etc.


Specificity vs Generality

  • Should I purpose build a fishing rod? What are the advantages of multiple purpose built rods?
  • Should I build one rod that does multiple things? What are the advantages/disadvantages?


Equipment Needs

  • What is the basic equipment that will be needed to make a fishing rod
  • rod turning lathe, rod wrappers, etc
  • If you are new to rod building, should you start cheap or buy once and cry once?


Material Needs

  • What are the basic materials I will need to build a fishing rod?
  • blank, thread, glue/epoxy etc
  • Is it better for beginners to purchase a rod building kit or to purchase each piece individually?


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