RodMaker Magazine Forum Site

This site is likely the single best source of rod building information on the internet. Headed by Tom Kirkman, Publisher of RodMaker magazine, is a gathering place for rod builders from around the world regardless of skill level. An absolute “must” bookmark. Logo

Custom Rod Builders Forum Site

A long-standing example of what a rod building forum is all about,’s roots are in the Rod Crafters Journal which has been around for over 30 years. Excellent info on any rod building topic imaginable.


Custom Rod Builders Guild Logo

Rod Building Forum Site

A forum dedicated primarily to fly rod endeavors, visitors will find great information on fly rods of all kinds including split cane rod building and much more. Fly rod builders are particular and some interesting techniques and information can always be found.


Rod Building Forum Logo

Stripers Online

This all encompassing site has “rooms” for every subject imaginable and is one of the largest sites of it’s kind on the web with hundreds of thousands of hits each month. Visit the Rod Building Forum for an inside look at cutting edge surf rod builds and a whole lot more.

Stripers Online Logo

Tackle Tour

This is not a rod building site but if you’re interested in no nonsense reviews of the latest rods being offered by factories, a visit here is worth the time. In addition you can find the same treatment for lures, reels and just about anything else that has to do with fishing.


Tackle Tour Logo

2 Cool Fishing Forum Site

If your anywhere near Texas you need this URL. The site is mostly saltwater, inshore and surf with a nice rod building forum that will be a big help to any Southwestern rod builder.


2 Cool Fishing Logo

Bloody Decks

A west coast leaning forum with some nationally known builders including Doc Ski and Jim Trelikes. Definitely worth a lurk!

Gary Yamamoto’s E-zine

Lots of good information here but mostly we support this site because our Pro Ambassador, Bernie Schultz writes a monthly column called “Beatin’ the Bank”.


Gary Yamamoto Inside Line Logo

Bass Fan Site

If you’re a bass nut (and there are plenty) you probably already know about It will keep you up to date on the tournament trails and the general sport of chasing bass. This is one of the top bass fishing news sites on the web.

BassFan Logo


No shortage of bass fishing information here. We like it because it has streaming weigh-ins at all B.A.S.S. tournaments and we can see, in real time, what’s going on.


BassMaster Logo

Bernie Schultz’s Site

Got to keep up with our pros…

Bernie Schultz Logo

The North East Rod Builders FACEBOOK (N.E.R.B.s)

A compendium of some of the best decorative wrap work being done nationwide. Hosted by Billy Vivona, this group is talented, dedicated and irreverant!

The Southern Rod Builders Facebook Group

A friendly group of southern builders willing to share a ton of information about the craft.

The Northwest Rod Builders facebook Group

Different rods for different places – but you’ll find most rod builders share a common bond. And we all seem to be good a sharing knowledge.

Custom Fishing Rod Builders Alliance Facebook Group

Plenty of solid advise here from builders all over the US and beyond!

Custom Rod Builders Guild Facebook Group

One of the oldest rod building organizations in the nation. This a huge collection of talent in one spot!

Designing & Building Fishing Rods

6000 members can’t be wrong, this group covers the waterfront with new buiulders and old.