NEW Products

This is the place to find the latest and greatest from Fuji and Anglers Resource throughout the year. We will preview new items, but occasionally the retail availability will be slightly behind what we show on the NEW Products page. We appreciate your patience, please check periodically with your favorite supplier until new products arrive.

Corrosion Control Frames

Fuji’s new Corrosion Control treated frames would rank as one of the most important new products from Fuji in recent years. CC, BC and Gunmetal finishes tested 5 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless guides. Low-maintenance, good looking and widely available across the entire K-series line. Three frame materials and three ring styles to choose from.

Give me details!

LKW Mid-Duty Casting

New for 2019, the LKW is a true K-Series Tangle-Free guide with a lighter fame and shorter footprint than popular KW frames. Plenty of strength for any bass, walleye or redfish rod, and great for ultra-lights in smaller sizes. LKW saves weight and survives tough handling.

Gunsmoke to Gunmetal

Fuji will begin moving away from Gunsmoke into the new Corrosion Control Gunmetal frames with Slim SiC rings. Although Gunsmoke will be available for some time, a move to Gunmetal would be wise.

KB7 Added

Fuji has added a size 7 to the Bog Footed “KB” model used in both the NGC and KR Concept. Kb is designed to offset mid-rod torque and the size 7 will help with heavier rods.